Web Analytics Setup & Consulting Services in Singapore

Web Analytics

Do you want to make better business decisions?

Business intelligence is a growing demand for organizations to understand the behaviors of their customers and gain competitive edge. Web analytics is definitely a valuable investment for any websites to gain access into their customers' behavior insights. Business cases can be easily formulated & supported with measurable results, facilitating the best decisions being made to maximize business gains.

Google Analytics is one of the popular web analytics available for websites owners & managers to gain deep insights.

Why Google Analytics?

  • Easily setup & integrate with Google Adwords & Google Webmasters Tools
  • Highly Accessible: access insights online from work, home and anywhere else
  • App is available on both Android & iOS devices
  • Widely adopted by businesses across different industries
  • Absolutely free

For websites with high traffic volume, you may want to choose Google Analytics Premium that is pegged at a monthly fee.

How we can use Google Analytics to achieve your business goals?

  • Setup Google Analytics tracking on your website to obtain insights
  • Create content groups for ease of tracking page types on large content or ecommerce websites
  • Setup custom reports to view insights across different dimensions
  • Identify the KPIs for your website & setup conversion goals, i.e. time spent on websites, dollars and cents spent by website visitors on e-commerce websites
  • Funnel conversion tracking to understand your visitors behavior