Web Analytics Implementation & Consulting Services

Web Analytics

Do you want to make better business decisions?

Business intelligence is a growing demand for organizations to understand the behaviors of their customers and gain competitive edge. Web analytics is definitely a valuable investment for any websites to gain access into their customers' behavior insights. Business cases can be easily formulated & supported with measurable results, facilitating the best decisions being made to maximize business gains.

Google Analytics is one of the popular & easily-accessed web analytics available for websites owners & managers to gain deep insights on the performance of their websites & apps. It adopts the page tagging approach: use of Javascript & cookies to collect website usage data.

How Web Analytics can help businesses?

  • Gather & present metrics about our audience group - visitors, customers that visit our website
  • Evaluate the performance of each digital marketing channel - i.e. SEO, PPC, Display Ads, eDMs, Social Media, Affiliates
  • Understand the customer journey on the website
  • Serve as a tool to help us to segment and analyze data
  • Help us ask the right questions and make better informed decisions

What Web Analytics can’t do?

  • Track and report data from individual users; captured data is aggregated.
  • Report the same metric values as with other systems - i.e. capturing transactions & sales revenue via Google Analytics v.s. CRM
  • Analytics can not be applied retrospectively to data that are not collected previously

Why Google Analytics?

  • Easily setup & integrate with other Google platforms - Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Marketing Solutions
  • Access Google’s proprietary audience data and machine learning capabilities to understand your visitors better
  • Provide standard reports & allow setup of personalized reports customized to business needs
  • Widely adopted by businesses across different industries
  • Absolutely free

For websites with high traffic volume, you may want to choose Google Analytics 360 Suite that is pegged at a monthly fee.

How we can use Google Analytics to achieve your business goals?

  • Setup Google Analytics tracking on your website to obtain insights
  • Create content groups for ease of tracking page types on large content or ecommerce websites
  • Setup custom reports to view insights across different dimensions
  • Identify the KPIs for your website & setup conversion goals, i.e. number of conversions, time spent on websites, revenue per transaction
  • Able to define & measure the performance of your customers’ shopping, checkout or conversion journey via funnel conversion tracking