Build & strengthen your website's market share with competitor analysis & intelligence

Competitor Website Analysis

Planning to start a new e-commerce website? Or do you want to understand on how your competitor websites are performing?

Competitor website analysis is definitely a need for all website owners, digital marketing managers, C-level executives to understand their website's current performance against the competitors, and to explore new marketing opportunities.

Benefits of competitor website analysis:

  • An opportunity to obtain metrical insights & intelligence on how your potential & direct competitor websites are performing.
  • Devise your digital marketing strategies & tactics, based on the performance analysis of your competitors' various marketing channels.
  • Explore new marketing channels to drive traffic & conversions for your website.
  • Convince potential clients, investors, funding houses & venture capitalists with web intelligence in your marketing plan.
  • Build & establish a competitive edge of your website, and stand above your competitor.
"If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt."-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Working with:

How we can help you?

Engage us to analyze the insights on your competitor websites:

  • Volume of visits & user engagement metrics, i.e. bounce rate, time spent, pageviews
  • Marketing channels, i.e. Social Media, PPC, SEO, eDMs
  • Major geographical locations that site visitors are from
  • Keyword search terms that drive PPC & SEO visits
  • Website & web page backlink URLs
  • And many more website insights & intelligence