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Methodology Model for Websites — WDEM

tinkerEdge adopts and develops the Web Development & Enhancement Model (WDEM) through research and practical experiences.

Below, the diagram discusses the framework for business units to plan for website development and enhancement. Rollover each section of the diagram to identify the goals and objectives to be achieved.

  • Online Visibility

    Work on digital marketing strategies & tactics to target the right personas

  • Usability

    Create user-friendly websites, ensuring seamless UX across desktop & mobile

  • Design Aesthetics

    Reinforce your brand identity and maintain the design consistency

  • Robustness

    Mitigate the risk of having show-stoppers that may affect UX & business objectives

  • Measureability

    Measure & quantify performance with analytics & data points

Research Methodology

Samples from each type of website in the below list were analyzed for developing the Web Development & Enhancement Model (WDEM).

Types of Websites

  • Software as a service (SaaS) Model Web Applications
  • E-Commerce Model Websites
  • Content Websites
  • Corporate Websites