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Meet Our Expertise Team

Wong Cheok Lup

WONG Cheok Lup

Cheok Lup is a data driven & hands-on practitioner in digital marketing. He acquires more than 10 years of expertise in web development, web analytics, enterprise level SEO, paid search, competitive analysis, and performance marketing strategies & tactics. He has worked with global firms, institutes, small-medium businesses (SMBs/SMEs), and start-ups.

He has worked with different stakeholders: digital product managers/owners, developers, UI designers, web analysts & regional marketing teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Australia, India & UK to implement scalable & cost-efficient solutions and drive incremental business growth successfully.

Yue Zhi Yong

YUE Zhi Yong

Prior to tinkerEdge, Zhi Yong was working at an established e-Commerce firm for 10 years. Having been involved in the marketing scene since his very first paycheck, he is proficient in both online and offline marketing, email marketing, SEO and SEM. Apart from e-Commerce, he has experience in digital, print, and outdoor media as well.

A veteran in digital marketing, he is currently a Digital Marketing Lead at tinkerEdge. In-charge of liaising with developers and stakeholders, he is a full-time technical SEO guru, but also the part-time self-appointed coffee manager on a voluntary basis. He is the one in-charge of purchasing coffee supplies online when it runs low (mostly due to his daily coffee intake of 4-5 cups minimum).

Kyan Ong

Kyan ONG

New to the realms of digital marketing. Kyan is a passionate young soul with a hunger for knowledge. Having constantly proven himself worthy through multiple campaigns and ads launches. Learning the ropes of SEO & SEM, he is always open to trying new things. Considering himself a student of life, he has ventured out to social media marketing and marketplace optimization. After work ends for the day, Kyan is usually found dancing and sweating profusely in a dance studio.