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Google Analytics Consulting & Implementation Services in Singapore

Google Analytics Implementation Singapore

Do you want to make better business decisions?

We are constantly bombarded by terms like Big Data and Business Intelligence, which are increasingly used in and demanded by organizations. In the marketing and sales realm, increasing proportions of budgets are being spent on digital analytics tools that are more precise and better able to help organizations understand their customers and gain a competitive edge.

Google Analytics is one of the popular & easily-accessed web analytics available for websites owners & managers to gain deep insights on the performance of their websites & apps. It adopts the page tagging approach: use of Javascript & cookies to collect website usage data.

Working with:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics 360

How Google Analytics can help businesses?

  • Gather & present metrics about our audience group – visitors, customers that visit our website
  • Evaluate the performance of each digital marketing channel – i.e. SEO, PPC, Display Ads, eDMs, Social Media, Affiliates
  • Understand the customer journey on the website
  • Serve as a tool to help us to segment and analyze data
  • Help us ask the right questions and make better informed decisions

What Google Analytics can’t do?

  • Track and report data from individual users; captured data is aggregated.
  • Report the same metric values as with other systems – i.e. capturing transactions & sales revenue via Google Analytics v.s. CRM
  • Analytics can not be applied retrospectively to data that are not collected previously

Why Google Analytics?

While there are many other web analytics out there, Google Analytics stands out for 4 simple reasons:

  • Easily setup and integrated with other Google platforms such as Google Ads, Google Search Console, and Google Marketing Solutions that complements the suit of digital marketing services we offer.
  • Allows for access to Google’s proprietary audience data and machine learning capabilities which helps our clients better understand their visitors.
  • Provision of both standard and customised performance reports to meet the multiple needs of individual businesses
  • While there is a premium version – Google Analytics 360 – that is suitable for websites with high traffic volume, Google Analytics is completely FREE and is able to cater the analytics needs for most businesses.

How we can use Google Analytics to achieve your business goals?

  • Setup Google Analytics tracking on your website to obtain insights
  • Create content groups for ease of tracking page types on large content or ecommerce websites
  • Setup custom reports to view insights across different dimensions
  • Identify the KPIs for your website & setup conversion goals, i.e. number of conversions, time spent on websites, revenue per transaction
  • Able to define & measure the performance of your customers’ shopping, checkout or conversion journey via funnel conversion tracking
  • Integrate Google Analytics data with other data sources to create meaningful insights for your business
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