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Looking for Google Analytics GA4 Consultant & Implementation Services in Singapore?

Google Analytics Universal Analytics (UA) will be going away by 30 June 2023, and will be replaced with GA4.

If you are still relying on Universal Analytics (UA), contact us to do the necessary migration to GA4.

Google Analytics Implementation Singapore

Google Analytics is an essential tool used for digital marketing analytics. This comprehensive and multi-use tracking toolset the path for offering insights to data and making sense of it. It is essential for agencies and companies can incorporate easily to measure their online marketing performance and access detailed data on important activity that is taking place on your website.

Measurability is a core component of every digital marketing activity or touchpoint that you are working on. If you are working in the field of digital marketing or digital analytics, then you need to hire us for ensuring Google Analytics is implemented correctly on your website. Our expert team will work with the client by understanding their marketing or analytics objectives and supporting them to utilize this tool in the right way.

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Google Analytics
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How Google Analytics can help businesses?

Profiling Audience Persona
Upon installing Google Analytics on your website, you can easily access data to understand the audience profile of your website visitors:

  • The geographical location of the visitors
  • Are they using mobile phones, tablets or desktop devices to access the website?
  • How often do they come back to your website?

Measuring Digital Marketing Channels/Campaigns Performance
Many businesses are employing multiple digital marketing channels, run all-year round or seasonal campaigns, but they always face challenges in justifying the invested costs for each marketing touchpoint. Google Analytics can help to address that concern with its unique tracking properties and attribution models. Basically, you can identify the best channels or campaigns that brings the highest ROI. On top of that, strategies on how to employ various channels or campaigns to marketing objectives can also be easily formulated with the collected data.

Ecommerce Performance Tracking
The ecommerce tracking is an optional module in Google Analytics. The basic ecommerce tracking has the essential features that are sufficient for ecommerce businesses with a single line of products. Every sale transaction details, i.e. product, quantity, price, shipping charges can be captured once the purchase is made successfully, and you can identify which channel or campaign has contributed to each purchase.

For more complex or larger scale ecommerce businesses with multiple lines of products, enhanced ecommerce tracking is available with more comprehensive features to provide more analytics insights on the online shopper shopping behaviors and checkout behaviors. The funnel reports will help to identify the number of carts or checkout point abandonments and prompt you to zoom into specific shopping or checkout touchpoints and work on a quick solution to improve the conversion rate. Product level performance, i.e. product views, how often products are added to cart, how many quantities are often purchased, are available for insights and analysis. With such data, product bundling or cross-promotion strategies can be conceived to increase the cart size per purchase.

Creating Dashboards/Scheduled Reports
Dashboards can be set up as an executive summary of the metrics performance to be viewed at a quick glance or even shared with the senior leadership. It provides the flexibility or sharing the reports to other users easily and have everyone to be on the same page when looking at the data. Reports can also be scheduled to send on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to the relevant stakeholders.

What are the benefits of using data collected with Google Analytics?

Complete Overview of Digital Performance: Regardless of your industry, whether automotive, travel, healthcare or more, the collected data will assist you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and allows focus on providing better user experiences.

Use for Digital Marketing Purposes: With the collected data, you can create the persona profiles of your customer audience segments. These segments can be channeled as audience targeting to your campaigns, orchestrating seamless communication of your brand and product marketing to your customers. This is a unique competitive edge of Google Analytics over other digital analytical tools, with the capabilities of integrating data with Google properties, i.e. Google Ads to explore more marketing opportunities and produce better results.

Cross-Platform Measurability: Google Analytics has the capabilities to measure the performance of both the website and Android / iOS app, which provides unified insights into the cross-platform journey taken by your customers.

Why should you choose our Google Analytics Consulting Services?

Customized Analytics Solutions
Based on understanding your business model and objectives, we offer Google Analytics consulting services and incorporate the standard and custom features which include but not limited to conversion goal settings, e-commerce reporting, integrating with Google Ads campaigns, integrating Google Analytics data with CRM, creating audience segments.

Conducts Training
Setting apart from other digital agencies, we also conduct customized Google Analytics training to our clients on how to interpret and provide insights into the data.

Adopt Industry Practices
We strongly advocate the use of industry practices to collect data without privacy infringement, and also setup report views in an easily managed approach with minimum disruption whenever there are changes to the data being collected.

Supports Omnichannel / Online-to-Offline (O2O)
With the omnichannel strategy adopted by many businesses, there is a strong demand in data collaboration – where data collected in Google Analytics are unified with other data sources to provide more comprehensive data analysis & insights, especially when the customer journey continues from online-to-offline (O2O). Instead of looking at individual data silos, we can work with businesses to build big data with Google Analytics and their CRM.

Our value proposition lies in encouraging the use of analytics data to fuel the success of your marketing strategy and campaign executions. We love to see how businesses benefit from using data in a meaningful manner.


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Upgrade Google Analytics to GA4?
How can we help you?
How can we help you?

Have you upgraded your Google Analytics to GA4? Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will be replacing the old Universal Analytics (UA) by 30 June 2023. Speak with us on how to migrate all your conversions & event tracking on UA to GA4 today.