Pay for Performance

No monthly fixed fees – totally performance focused pricing model.

You only pay for each conversion – which can be a business lead, customer acquisition or purchase order.

Who is it for?

Businesses who are new to digital marketing or want to try out with paid advertising on Google Ads or Facebook.

  • Start-ups
  • Small-Medium Businesses
  • Freelancers, Doctors, Lawyers or Property Agents
Suitable for Start-ups
Monthly Retainer

Pay a monthly fixed fee – for us to manage & optimize your campaigns.

Caters for businesses with single or multiple business offerings.

Who is it for?

Businesses that are looking for long term paid advertising strategy & solutions

  • Medium-Large Businesses
  • Businesses with high conversion volume
  • Typical B2C business type
For Outsourcing Partners

Platforms to run Campaigns

What do we offer?

Pay for Performance

For start-ups or SMEs with limited marketing budget and are new to digital marketing channels, our Pay for Performance Plan is a great starting point. 

Whether it’s to introduce a new product or to promote seasonal sales events, this Plan gives you the freedom to promote your business offerings online with little to no commitment.

Without a monthly fee, there is no need to set a fixed marketing budget each month. Spend only on results (conversions) that bring growth to your business.


  • Only pay when results are delivered
  • Low commitment (no monthly fee)
  • Suitable for short-term gains, e.g. events, promotions

Monthly Retainer

Caters to businesses of all levels and industries – from small to large businesses looking for long term PPC solutions that are scalable for growth.

Suitable for:

  • Businesses that have single or multiple product/service offerings
  • Targeting customers from multiple regions
  • Use of multiple channels – Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn at the same time


  • Fixed monthly fee – which is suitable for those that have high conversion volume
  • Allows better planning for paid advertising strategy

Why Engage Us?

1st Agency in Singapore to offer ‘Pay for Performance’ Plans

Data-driven approach to deliver performance

Experience in concurrently managing large campaign accounts

Proven track record in driving business results

Team of practitioners with 10 years experience in digital marketing

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How does Pay for Performance Plans work?

It works like a partnership between your business and us, we only get paid when you see results from the campaigns that you engage us to run.

For each industry, we offer a fixed rate of cost per conversion. For example, if you are in the Real Estate industry, the cost per conversion is $16 – which means you pay $16 for each conversion.

If you are already running campaigns, we will conduct an analysis based on your campaigns to determine the cost per conversion that you need to pay.

You can re-negotiate the cost per conversion rate every 3 months, which caters for flexibility & suitability to your business.

How do we charge for Pay for Peformance Plans?

Before the campaign setup phase, we will need to determine the type of conversion that you want to achieve – be it business leads, customer acquisition, app downloads or purchase orders.

During the setup phase, we will need to insert the conversion tracking pixel onto your website to measure the count of conversions.

The conversion count will be measured from the campaigns performance on the respective platform – Google Ads, Facebook.

By the end of each month, you will pay the agreed rate of each conversion.

How does Monthly Retainer Plans Work?

Monthly Retainer Plans are long-term outsourcing plans between your business and our agency.

With a Retainer Plan, we plan and manage your Paid Advertising strategy to ensure long-term growth as well as set up your account and campaigns to ensure your paid advertising strategy is ready to scale up as your business grows.

How do we charge for Monthly Retainer Plans?

We charge a one-time account and campaign set-up fee and a monthly retainer fee depending on the chosen plan.

What is the difference: Pay for Performance v.s. Monthly Retainer?

Pay by ConversionsMonthly Retainer
Ownership of AccountsOnly able to access the campaigns on the platformsFull ownership of the campaigns & account platforms
PricingOnly pay when there are resultsPay monthly fixed fee

Will there be any setup fee charges?

There will be a one-time setup fee charged for both Pay by Conversions and Monthly Retainer.

When is our billing cycle?

Our billing cycle is at the end of every calendar month.