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YoY Improvements in Cost/Conversion & Conversion Rate for SEM + Display Advertising on Google AdWords

SEM + Display Advertising on Google AdWords

The client was running both search & display campaigns on Google AdWords, and getting a CPA of over $10 and their conversion rate was about 0.6%.

We discovered that most of the media spend led to poor ad CTR and high CPC, was due to:

  • Search campaigns were targeting many of the keywords with broad match types
  • Display campaigns were only targeting keywords as the only option

What we have done?

  • Streamline targeting for display ad campaigns, by integrating 1st party data points from Google Analytics
  • Performed A/B experiments before applying the changes on running campaigns, to minimize the risk impact of losing conversions
  • Clean up keyword match types targeting, and re-work on the campaign structures for more efficient media spend

Key Achievements:

  • 1H2018 YoY improvements in Cost/Conversion and Conversion Rate.

Case Details:

Client name:
01 January 2018
30 June 2018
SEM, Display Advertising