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YoY Improvements in Cost/Conversion & Conversion Rate for SEM + Display Advertising on Google AdWords

SEM + Display Advertising on Google AdWords

Client’s pain points/problems/challenges

  • Both Search & Display campaigns had high CPA – due to broad targeting, which drove in lesser quality visitors to the website that did not convert.


What we have done?

For Search, removed non-performing keywords and use of stricter keyword matches to drive quality visitors with a higher rate to convert.

For Display, audience persona were created with audience segments from Google Analytics, and combine with keywords targeting to drive relevant visitors.

Media spend budget was re-allocated more from Display to Search, and less-performing campaigns to better-performing ones, to maximize spend efficiency.

Campaigns with higher CPA ranges, e.g. > $50 were prioritized to optimize first, followed by lower CPA ranges. As the client was running a huge number of campaigns, it took a period of 2 months to optimize all the affected campaigns, and improvements were seen in 1 month’s time after optimization.


Key Achievements:

  • Lowered CPA from $11.22 to $7.15 HoH.
  • Improved Conversion Rate from 0.61% to 1.09% HoH.

Case Details:

Client name:
01 January 2018
30 June 2018
SEM, Display Advertising
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