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SEOThe best? The cheapest? The newest?

No matter how you describe yourself, it would not matter much if an internet search does not validate that. Any reputable individual, group, or company at that the top of their game should rank high in a related internet search.

Showing up on the first page of an internet search list solidifies your name recall and validates your trustworthiness to the public. It is like embedding yourself to the people’s consciousness without the need to pay a huge amount for an annoying commercial jingle.

But how do you get on top? Proper messaging is important, but marketing it properly is the key. This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes into play.

What is SEO?

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps improves visibility and increase organic traffic to your website. Yes, it means no paid ads and similar placements. Just free and unlimited clicks to your website from real people doing regular internet searches for all their wants and needs.

As such, this type of marketing targets on raising your relevance to appear higher on various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What is SEO marketing?

For most people, SEO is as simple as improving website content to include the right keywords that your potential audience or customers would use for searching. A bit fewer would know that you would need credible links within your content to increase your ranking. But a successful SEO marketing campaign is more than just the perfect content.

A perfectly planned campaign involves researching your audience, competition and other important details that could improve your ranking. Then, you use this research and craft it around tried and tested techniques to provide positive results.

But can you see the results? It is important to have quantifiable targets to track the progress within the duration of the campaign. How many impressions and clicks in a month? How fast did your ranking improve and how long did it last at its highest position? How many external sites linked backed to your own webpage? How much of this improved traffic translated to increase in sales and revenue? Every campaign should include an accurate and regular audits to show its effectiveness.

Why is SEO important?

For growing your brand or business, SEO is not just an option in your whole marketing plan. It should already be an integral part of it.

You may ask, how is SEO helpful in my digital marketing strategy? Well, expanding your internet exposure or reach is a must. Competition is not just about what you are offering but also about how people are able to find out what you are offering. And the easiest way to help people find what they are looking for? Internet searches.

Where should I dine? What kind of beer should I try? What’s the best fabric softener? A quick question to a friend would probably elicit an easy and already typical response of “Google it.”

As such, it would be a mistake not to invest in SEO services when most people rely on the internet for information. Based on government data, Singapore’s individual internet usage has hit 84% in 2018. Think about how many of those people are using the internet to ask questions and look for products and services. Now, think about the rest of the world. Your audience and your potential customers could be that limitless.

Today, it is not enough to just have an online presence. You need to go above and beyond that. A good start would be SEO marketing.

Make a good website. Create great content. And then, make it easy to find.

How to choose an SEO Agency?

Choosing the right agency could make and break your campaign. And with everybody offering almost the same SEO services, how do you pick the one to trust in growing your brand or business?

An obvious answer would be to check how the agency itself ranks in searches.

Aside from that, be sure to check their portfolio. Who are their clients? What industries have they serviced? Have they worked with the financial industry or healthcare? The aerospace industry or the energy sector? Do they have a lot of retail industry experience? How successful were they in driving traffic?

And then when all of these have been answered, ask what makes them stand out from their competition.

A good provider of services should know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to digital marketing. It should instead be able to cater to all your needs.

What are the different types of SEO services?

There are many types of SEO services, depending on the needs of a client and the industry where they belong:

Laying scalable foundations to build & optimize websites for search engine visibility

Optimize your content to be crawled & indexed to show up on search engine results

Showing up on local search results for related keywords + location

What are the challenges faced in SEO?

Just think about your industry and all your competitors. Almost all of them have a website, right? So how do you rank higher than them in search engines? How do you make sure that people click on your website and not theirs?

This fierce competition is one of the challenges that brands face everyday in terms of SEO. This is why you have to be updated with how search engines rank the websites – and this can change every year!

Because of the very tedious work that this entails, many companies employ agencies that are adept in crafting SEO marketing campaigns way beyond what their clients need.

Why choose tinkerEdge?

At tinkerEdge, we offer all of these and more other SEO services at reasonable prices. We are unparalleled when it comes to crafting campaigns and delivering results, which you can easily check with our case studies.

Our team, composed of widely experienced experts, are ready to help tailor fit a SEO marketing campaign to what you need and prefer. No lazy researches, bots usage and stuffing keywords from us.

We will get it done one time at the most efficient and ethical way.

We only provide topnotch services and support to our clients for long-lasting relationships. Be the next one and work with us in achieving a worthwhile ROI.

Ready to engage us?

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