Outreach to more prospective customers via programmatic advertising (RTB)

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is one of advanced paid media channels to run display ad campaigns via real-time bidding (RTB) - algorithmic purchase & sale of advertising space in real time auctions - though demand side platforms (DSPs). Such campaigns can target audience groups that can be defined/segmented by demographics - age, gender, interest topics, and demographical locations to target. This is one of the most efficient way to deliver highly effective ads to the right audiences through wide ad network reach.

The potential to deliver relevant advertisements to interested customers at opportune times has enticed digital marketers at all times. Programmatic buying of display advertising can extend the benefits of digital advertising by using instantaneous data in a real-time environment to reach individuals with relevant messages.

Compared with other channels, programmatic advertising can outreach to more potential customers across multiple ad networks at the same time, unlike Google Ads that only deliver ads within its own proprietary ad network. Digital marketers can also gain access to exclusive ad inventories or private ad networks, so as to drive targeted traffic that leads to incremental conversion.

Working with:

How we can help in Programmatic Advertising to drive outreach for more prospective customers?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for Programmatic Advertising

  • Manage the DSP accounts on behalf of clients
  • Provide transparent reporting to clients

Programmatic Advertising Strategy

  • Perform a thorough check & audit on DSP accounts to discover opportunities or mitigate shortfalls in driving better ROI
  • Boost other digital marketing channels or new/running campaigns

Programmatic Advertising Campaigns Execution

  • Setup DSP accounts & necessary conversion tracking
  • Setup programmatic ad campaigns based on industry's best practices
  • Streamline targeting to maximize spending returns

Programmatic Advertising Campaigns Optimization
Analyze the current performance of programmatic ad campaigns & provide recommendations to:

  • achieve monthly cost savings;
  • gain better ROI: lower cost per acquisition (CPA) or higher return on ad-spend (ROAS);
  • use advanced optimization or automated bidding strategies, and
  • identify many more opportunities to drive more conversions, leads & sales revenue for your website.