Improve your spending returns from paid search with advanced search engine marketing (SEM) strategies

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Paid Search

Paid search (SEM - search engine marketing) is the commonly-used paid media channel by many websites & online businesses to drive paid traffic & sales conversion via Google Search Network - contains Google Search & other search partners like Yahoo!, AOL. It leverages on users' search intent to display relevant text ads when they perform keyword searches on Google or Bing. As Paid Search (SEM) is generally closer to sales conversion funnel, therefore it is one of the better performing digital marketing channels that drives high ROI.

Unlike traditional marketing, running search ad campaigns often requires hands-on execution to manage budgets, setup campaigns based on product lines & keyword match types. We adopt the agile marketing approach in running SEM campaigns - making quick-win adjustments when necessary, i.e. shift budgets to better perform campaigns, pause non-performing campaigns, tighten campaign targeting.

Our competitive edge is being performance driven & bearing relevant capabilities in managing large media spending budgets & multiple PPC accounts at enterprise levels.

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) work together?

  • Both Enterprise SEO & SEM work with keyword phrases targeting, and PPC has a greater flexibility for geographical location targeting;
  • SEO takes a longer & strategic approach to drive organic search, whereas SEM can bring customers to your website within a shorter lead time;
  • Use of SEM to target high competitive keyword phrases, where it may be difficult for new websites to rank for;
  • Display your search ads to target competitor's brand names, while SEO is unable to capitalize on that.

We are proud to be Google Partner, with the specialization in Search, Mobile & Display Advertising for Google AdWords.

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How we can help in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to drive paid search traffic?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for SEM

  • Manage the PPC accounts on behalf of clients
  • Provide transparent reporting to clients

SEM Strategy

  • Perform a thorough check & audit on PPC accounts to discover opportunities or mitigate shortfalls in driving better ROI
  • Optimize search experience with organic or other paid media channels

SEM Campaigns Execution

  • Setup PPC accounts & necessary conversion tracking
  • Setup SEM campaigns based on industry's best practices
  • Streamline targeting to maximize spending returns

SEM Campaigns Optimization
Analyze the current performance of search ad campaigns & provide recommendations to:

  • achieve monthly cost savings;
  • gain better ROI: lower cost per acquisition (CPA) or higher return on ad-spend (ROAS);
  • use advanced optimization or automated bidding strategies, and
  • identify many more opportunities to drive more conversions, leads & sales revenue for your website.